Accumark Underground Utility Services

Subsurface Utility Designation & Mapping

Providing the horizontal locations of existing buried utilities and structures, a critical step to initial design and civil engineering phases.

Services Include:

  • Identification of and contact with utility owners within the project limits
  • Detailed investigation of any available records, plans, and maps
  • Thorough electronic search of the site for buried facilities
  • Accurate mapping of all locatable subsurface utilities utilizing the latest in surveying technology combined with utility records research, resulting in precise horizontal and vertical coordinates of all structures
  • Coordinates can be plotted and provided in ASCII, AutoCAD DWG, and MicroStation format
Designating & Mapping

Subsurface Utility Locating

Excavating test holes to determine the exact horizontal and vertical location of existing utilities, a critical step to final design and early construction phases.

Advantages & Services Include:

  • Test holes determine the exact horizontal and vertical location of existing utilities
  • Non-destructive, vacuum excavation exposes the utility at all points of possible conflict
  • Field staking of the exact location of the proposed features and possible utility conflicts
  • Restoration of the test hole and marking of the location, utilizing established utility designating color codes and ASCE Standards of Practice
  • Formal Test Hole Report and Inventory for all structures found
  • Total station survey of test hole locations for CADD mapping
Utility Locating

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) involves the non-destructive location of subsurface targets prior to digging, trenching, or conducting site assessments.
  • An accurate and necessary tool for damage prevention on construction sites
  • Successful in a variety of difficult applications, such as locating drain fields, USTs, and non-metallic utilities (eg, A/C, PVC water mains, terracotta pipelines)
  • Cost effective for projects requiring a quick turn-around
Ground Penetrating Radar

Pipe Inspection

Accumark offers full color CCTV inspection services for sewer/drain line pipes and empty electrical/telecommunication conduits as small as 2″. The system provides recorded color video data, and can electronically designate the horizontal location of the CCTV camera head by means of a built in Sonde.
  • Inspection of recently built or re-constructed sewers to ensure that construction met specifications and to document as-built conditions.
  • Routine Inspections: Done as a way to pro-actively inspect and identify potential problems. Also to help plan routine operations, maintenance, and renovation programs.
  • Troubleshooting: Investigation of problem incidents to select remedial action.
  • Compliance: Inspection and data collection to comply with mandated programs.
Pipe Inspection
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